Planetary mixer 15L 400V whisk, mixer...
Planetary mixer 15L 400V whisk, mixer...

Planetary mixer 15L 400V whisk, mixer for cakes, masses, creams, eggs

2,999.00 zł Tax included.


Model: B15K

Capacity: 15 liters

Voltage: 400V

Removable bowl

Quick lowering of the bowl by lever

Easy to use

The mixer has a cover with holes that allow you to sprinkle or add ingredients while the mixer is working.

Three speed levels.

Set includes: egg and cream beater, flat beater and hook

All accessories are made of acid-resistant steel.

Brand new product.

Produkt fabrycznie nowy


Planetary mixer for kneading dough for andruts, biscuits and traditional wafers and strudels

A mixing device equipped with a planetary system ensuring quick and effective mixing of pourable and heavier doughs. With this mixer, which at the same time perfectly whips and blends in a quick and easy way, you can prepare andrut dough and various types of sponge cakes or pancake dough. It is also a great choice in the world of planetary mixers for all those who deal with professional baking of cakes for various special events, such as: wedding cakes, birthday cakes, baking cakes at communion and other special events that cannot do without delicious sweets. This model of the planetary mixer is also the "number 1" of all companies involved in the professional production of wafers, cream tubes and ice cream cones !!!

The product is manufactured in accordance with EU standards, has the CE mark, EC declaration of conformity, and SANEPID certificate. Control panel and security in accordance with health and safety / PIP requirements.

Product Details

Bowl capacity:
15 L
Gear type:
Metal, toothed gear
Motor power:
500 W
Number of gears:
Accessories included:
Flat beater
Rotation range (rpm):
110, 178, 355
Bowl lowering system:
Voltage :
400 V
65 kg
Length :
474 mm
Height :
676 mm
Width :
444 mm
Maximum amount of kneaded dough :

Delivery cost

Carrier Informations Price
Kurier - przedpłata na konto 1-2 dni robocze 100.00 zł
Kurier - płatne przy odbiorze 1-2 dni robocze 140.00 zł
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