Immersion hand blender 500W with...
Immersion hand blender 500W with...
Immersion hand blender 500W with...
Immersion hand blender 500W with...
Immersion hand blender 500W with...

Immersion hand blender 500W with 400mm blender tip for soups, creams, vegetables

999.00 zł Tax included.


Model: motor IB500LF + attachment BLD400

Power: 500W

Smooth speed control: No

Maximum revolutions per minute (RPM): 16000

Blending tip diameter: 8,1 cm

Mixing attachment length: 400 mm

230 cm long cable allows freedom of movement while working in the kitchen.

All blender parts that have contact with food are made from made of stainless (acid-proof) steel.
No corrosion effect and no dirt sticking.

The device will work great- both in home cooking and in small and medium-sized gastronomy.

Effectively and thoroughly blends and mixes meat, vegetables, fish, stuffing, and also helps in making all kinds of dips, sauces, creams, mayonnaises and smoothies.

Produkt fabrycznie nowy


Industrial blending mixer, immersion hand blender for restaurant, catering

A powerful, production blender for mixing all kinds of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, stuffing into a cream - a homogeneous and smooth mass. Perfect for the production of smoothies, drinks, mashed potatoes, various types of dips, sauces, creams and mayonnaise.

Perfect for small and large gastronomy. A solid and ergonomic design ensures unmatched durability as well as efficient and trouble-free operation. The rotations of T4ALL ™ blenders are optimally selected for various types of kitchen and gastronomic work. The mixing heads ensure comfortable work at the very bottom in large and deep vessels. Stainless steel (acid-resistant) used in the individual elements of the blenders ensures clean and hygienic work


For kitchen, restaurant, cafe, catering, bar etc.
The power of the motors in the blenders offered by T4ALL ™ ensures fast and efficient operation without any loss of energy.
The device is made of very durable components, allowing for industrial production works.
A specially designed housing ensures the user's safety thanks to the ergonomic housing of the handle.
Equipment equipped with a button that allows automatic operation (without the need to constantly press the switch).
The switch lock prevents accidental activation of the device.


The certainty of quick and instant mixing of ingredients.
Very sharp knives made of the best quality stainless steel, ensuring long work without the need for sharpening.
A wide tip with a special profile / diameter up to 8,1 cm !!! - effectively deals with the processing of various types of food.
The offer also includes whisks / whisks / whisks that ensure efficient mixing of liquid doughs (e.g. sponge cakes, pancakes), kneading creams and whipped cream, whipping eggs into stiff foam, etc.

It is also possible to purchase additional mixing attachments of different lengths: 250mm, 400mm, 500mm

The product is manufactured in accordance with EU standards, has the CE mark, EC declaration of conformity, and SANEPID certificate. Control panel and safety devices in accordance with health and safety requirements.

Product Details

Motor power:
500 W
Blender attachement:
Blending- 400mm
Voltage :
230 V
Power cord length:
Maximum number of revolutions:
16000 RPS

Delivery cost

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